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We gather to watch matches at Brunetti Classico, Carlton.


We have built a worldwide reputation and are now regarded as one of the world's largest overseas-based AC Milan Fan Club associations in the world. With 139 paid members for the 2022/23 season, it is a testament to the strength of the community that we have built locally.

As a not-or-profit organisation, our mission is to be a reputable and recognised Milan Club in the world domain, while also maintaining a focus on our Melbourne members - especially for game-day events so that we can also serve members on their pilgrimages to Italy thanks to the strong ties we have developed with the club and various partner clubs.


We are a community club, and any person who wants to get involved can contact us – be it to help in a formal or informal capacity.

Sign-up as a Member

Remember: Your membership will not be active until you have purchased a membership from our store. Fill out the form below to begin the membership registration process.


Member Loyalty Program - Reward & Recognition

The Reward and Recognition program has been developed to recognise our dedicated members for their support of the club.

Based on years of service, Members will be able to access exclusive opportunities via the club.


We are always looking for new ways to reward, recognise and best serve our members so if you have any ideas / suggested improvements for our membership loyalty program please get in touch.

Once you are eligible to claim your member reward, please contact us here to claim your benefit.

All members

Exclusive club communications, 15% discounts on other club merchandise, and deals with partners. You will also receive an awesome merchandise pack with our products:

- Scarf

- Sticker Pack

- Bag

Members who sign-up before the start of season will also be sent a membership card from the AIMC which entitles them to the following benefits:

  • CASA MILAN MUSEUM: purchase of the ticket to visit the museum at the price of €10, instead of €15; facilitation, extended to the "family" of the Member bearing the card;

  • MUSEUM & TOUR SAN SIRO: purchase of the ticket for the Tour at the stadium and the Museum at the price of € 14, instead of € 20, also extended to a member of the member's family;

  • CASA MILAN STORE: 10% discount on the purchase of products at the CASA MILAN store;

  • MERCHANDISING: 20% discount at the 4 points of sale (stalls) outside the Stadium that display the ZEROPLAYER brand and at the point of sale (shop) located at the Lilla "San Siro" metro stop;

  • FOOD: 20% discount in the 2 track food outlets outside the Stadium that display the ZEROPLAYER brand;


  1. B&B HOTEL Milano San Siro: adjacent to the stadium 20% discount on the flexible rate,  B&B HOTELS ITALIA (44 hotels) 10% discount on the flexible rate.

  2. SHERATON MILAN SAN SIRO HOTEL (Via Novara) possibility to take advantage of the rates reserved for AC Milan.

3 years - Rosso Reward

- Milan Club Melbourne Espresso Cup

5 years - Rossonero Reward

- Milan Club Melbourne Banner

10 years - Oro Reward

- Signed AC Milan jersey - player of your choice - at the jersey's RRP cost to member, and;

- Customised plaque in recognition of support


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