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Milan Club Melbourne have the opportunity to request tickets for games of AC Milan thanks to our membership of the AIMC - making us an official fan club.


To do this, we are required to pay a fee to the AIMC for each member that is registered with our club.


Those members who already have a membership pack are encouraged to renew their membership so that we can demonstrate to AC Milan how strong our community is in Melbourne!


We understand that our members would prefer to choose the merchandise that they would like, rather than getting a new scarf every year. So, we have given members a 15% discount on all products through our store which can be accessed on the members page of our website. This way, we keep the cost of membership down while continuing to supply great quality merchandise! The renewal fee covers the cost of making you an official member of our club with the AIMC.


Then, if you would like to buy new merchandise on our store at a discount with your membership, great! Otherwise, if you would prefer not to that is okay - but thank you for renewing your membership and continuing to support our club and the Milan community in Melbourne.


Members who sign-up before the start of season will also be sent a membership card.


Note: Members who wish to purchase a new membership without the merchandise pack can also purchase this product as their membership in case they have already purchased the items individually.


All members of the club are bound by the association's rules and therefore accept the published privacy policy.


The following are the advantages that you access by using your official AIMC member card (expect extended delays if membership is not renewed before 1st July each season):

  • CASA MILAN MUSEUM: purchase of the ticket to visit the museum at the price of 10 euros, instead of 15 euros; facilitation, extended to the "family" of the Member bearing the card;

  • MUSEUM & TOUR SAN SIRO: purchase of the ticket for the Tour at the stadium and the Museum at the price of € 14, instead of € 20, also extended to a member of the member's family;

  • CASA MILAN STORE: 10% discount on the purchase of products at the CASA MILAN store;

  • MERCHANDISING: 20% discount at the 4 points of sale (stalls) outside the Stadium that display the ZEROPLAYER brand and at the point of sale (shop) located at the Lilla "San Siro" metro stop;

  • FOOD: 20% discount in the 2 track food outlets outside the Stadium that display the ZEROPLAYER brand;


  1. B&B HOTEL Milano San Siro: structure adjacent to the stadium 20% discount on the flexible rate, booking directly from the website or by e-mail; other structures B&B HOTELS ITALIA (44 hotels) 10% discount on the flexible rate, booking directly from the website;

  2. SHERATON MILAN SAN SIRO HOTEL (structure in Via Novara) possibility to take advantage of the rates reserved for AC Milan, booking via email at

Membership Renewal 2023/24

Price Options
One-time purchase
$14.99every year until canceled
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