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July '19; Member of the Month - Daniel Karamaneas

How old are you? I am 37 years old.

Why do you support Milan? l have loved football pretty much form a very early age I have been a Milan fan since the late 80’s. My attraction to Milan came from the player who I still admire today, Paolo Maldini, someone of loyalty and a great leader. I also love the city and the pedigree the club has in Italy.

Have you ever seen Milan play live and, if so, what game/s? I have been to the San Siro to watch Milan v Empoli a couple of years back. Hopefully looking to go again next season.

When will we win our next scudetto? I will always believe that every season we have a chance. This last season I have to say there were many positive highlights we have not had in years so I am hoping we grow on that.

What is your favourite Milan memory? Our champions league win against Juventus, I will never forget that, I think I partied for a week it was an amazing moment. The other game would be our '94 champions league win over Barcelona.

Why did you get involved in Milan Club Melbourne? I am passionate about Milan, having helped create the Sydney club I was so excited to see the great work being done in Melbourne and it makes me so proud to be part of this great Melbourne club as a member.

Before the club, did you have many Milan-supporting friends? Having friends form school we used to talk Milan and then that carried on through uni etc.

What has been your favourite experience with Milan Club Melbourne so far The Daniele Massaro event was absolutely fantastic and well organised by The Club.

Any extra comments? It is great to see this fantastic club grow in Melbourne. It is important that we grow all together here in Australia as fans of Milan, to be able to have a voice.

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