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Youth Triumph at Mamma Cairo

YOUTH UPDATE – 2/9/2019

The Primavera team have just won the 7th edition of the Mamma Cairo Trophy over Juventus. The win comes after the side took down their cross-town rivals, Inter Milan, last Friday night.

Milan started the game off sluggish, falling a goal down after only 3 minutes of game play. This led to Coach Frederico Giunti calling for his players to step up and get onto the counter attack. Despite an evident shift in gameplay, the boys went into the break still 1-0 down.

The second half was a different story with Marco Bosisio equalising the scores in the 55th minute. Strong performances from new Rossoneri goalkeeper Andreas Jungdal and centre back Luca Stranga kept Milan’s hopes of a win alive, keeping the scores level. The winning goal came from Emanuele Pecorino in the 89th minute, closing the game off at 2-1 for Milan.

Coach Federico Giunti stated that he was extremely proud of the team but emphasised that the "real focus is on the league". He went on to state that he wants the team "to go back up [to Primavera 1] as soon as possible".

2019 Mamma Cairo Cup Winners: Milan

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