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Time for Youth System Shake Up?

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Youth Update 25/05/20

Whispers of a youth system shake up are beginning to gain momentum in Milan as Rangnick rumours fail to quieten down.

Calciomercato is claiming that whilst Elliott Management appreciate the work that Angelo Carbone, they would allow Rangnick to make the changes he sees fit. This would likely result in Rangnick bringing in his own youth staff from Germany.

Angelo Carbone took over the reigns of Milan's youth system less than a year ago after the Primavera side fell to the second division.

Whilst it would be good to see the Milan youth system strengthen and Ragnick's strong youth policy arrive at Milanello, Carbone was meant to be part of the solution to past woes.

Could this be another case of Milan jumping the gun too early?

📸: AC Milan

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