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Throwback Thursday to when things weren't as sweet with Leonardo and Gattuso

Updated: May 27, 2019

Throwback Thursday

Back when Gattuso was playing and Leonardo was the manager at inter things were different. After a goalless draw against Roma, the 2010-11 granted us our last Scudetto to date, however, following the match and in the ensuing celebrations, Gattuso landed in some hot water. The Milan legend Leonardo had a stint as manager in 2009-10 but was sacked at the close of the season, then he did the unthinkable and became the boss of inter. As the Roma match came to a close he striped off into his underwear and a T-shirt and joined in with ultras in chanting 'Leonardo is a man of s***, man of s***'. Many thought that he was out of line, however in his words ‘I just went and joined the fans for a few chants. Should I apologise for joining in with them ?'

This is just another instance in history exemplifying the gravity and history of our rivalry with inter. The hate runs rich and deep throughout our whole timeline, so come and see it with us at Cafe Notturno, this Monday morning at 6:30am for passion and victory. RSVP here

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