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THROWBACK THURSDAY - Settling the score

This is a post for all the OCD Milanisti out there. The 100th Derby della Madonnina occurred in the height of summer, July 1946. A well struck shot from distance by Ettore Puricelli put Milan ahead 1-0 in the 65th minute, closing the game and securing us points in the closing rounds of the 1945/46 season. What was most remarkable was that this historic win struck a balance between the teams from Milan. With exactly 40 wins a piece and the obvious 20 draws, this was a perfect way to close out the 100th game of the worlds most famous derby.

These days, with 223 official Derby della Madonninas, the record stands now at 80 Inter wins, 67 draws and 76 Milan wins. When do you think we will settle the score?

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