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September '19; Activities Update

Member Packs Member packs have arrived in full, and have now been sent out! Keep an eye on your mail - if you selected postage as your preferred delivery method. If not, please get in touch and let us know when we can bring it to a match for you to pick-up.

Welcome to our first Sponsor! We are proud to announce our new partnership with "Statewide Electrical Spotters". To make it even better, the local business is run by one of our very own members! They will be partnering with us to provide members with free coffees at events for the coming season. if you need spotting services, you know who to call!

Upcoming Events Stay up to date by checking our website and social media accounts to see upcoming events. Upcoming kick-off times are still being released, and we will announce events as times come out.

New Club Bank Account Please note the club has recently moved banks, and therefore has new bank details. Please do not make any deposits to our old account going forward. Our new details are as follows: Milan Club Melbourne 063-155 1036-3107

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