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Rossonere Update - 18-12-20

Another win, to end 2020 in the best way possible. The important win against one of the competitors for the Champions League spot at Vismara against Sassuolo helped the Rossonere in maintaining the 2nd place in the table. Giacinti and Spinelli's goals, the third goal of the season, launch Milan to 27 out of 30 available points. It was a delicate game from the beginning, as Sassuolo's quality and offensive line was consistently attacking. However, Mister Ganz's Milan, responded well and thanks to Korenčiova’s saves on 2 occasions, the girls maintained another clean sheet. To break the deadlock, the usual Valentina Giacinti opened the score, relentless as always in the goal area, whilst the fine header of Spinelli doubled the score line. After Roma and Fiorentina, AC Milan won the third consecutive big match, stretches to +5 on Sassuolo and leaves with the goal unbeaten even against the black-green, confirming a really important defensive solidity.

Also, our own Vero makes it in the FIFPro Women’s World 11. Verónica Boquete is officially one of the best midfielders in the world as her class and experience could not go unnoticed. Well done Vero!


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