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Rossonere Update - 11-12-20

The last match against Fiorentina showed us a more cynical and stronger side of the Rossonere. With this win, making them 8 victories in 9 games, helped them in climbing to 24 points. The 3 points came after Spinelli found the net in the first 10 minutes of the game. The iron defense conceded practically nothing to the fearsome Viola attack and the midfield kept the play at balance. One thing to note about this match is that, for the first time since August 23rd, Ganz's team wins without the goals of Giacinti and Dowie.

Next match is against Sassuolo Femminile, this Sunday 13th December. Another 3 points will help in securing a spot in next year’s Women’s Champions League, as Sassuolo are one of the direct competitors for that spot, currently 2 points shy of the Rossonere, sitting in the 3rd place. One player to watch out for is the upcoming Maltese star, Haley Bugeja.

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