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Primavera Boys Start the Season off Right

Youth Update 21/09/20

Milan's Primavera boys have started their 20/21 season off the right way, cruising past Cagliari U19's 1-0. The games only goal came from Milan central midfielder Enrico di Gesu.

Milan played defensively for most of the game, stifling many of Cagliari's advances at goal. While it did lead to a comfortable win, it limited the opportunity for fans to watch new signing Emil Roback demonstrating his skills.

Unfortunately for the young Swede, Roback also injured his forearm during the game. It's still unclear how bad the injury is.

In other news, young Milan defender Luca Stanga has resigned with the club until 2023. Stanga announced the decision through his Instagram account with the caption; "I grew up with these colours. Grazie Milan."

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