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President's Message - October 2018

Picture: Milan fans at Milan Club Melbourne's first derby event in October 2017 standing in front of black and red flag
Some of the fans at our first derby event

This was first published in our monthly club newsletter. Register for the newsletter at:

As you know, last season was the first season of our club, the dawn of a new era for Milan fans in Melbourne. What you may not know is that our first ever event was the Milan Derby. Unfortunately the result didn’t go our way, however a strong attendance of over 50 people showed that the future was bright for Milan fans in Melbourne!

For the second derby - which unfortunately didn’t go ahead as planned due to tragic circumstances - we were bracing for a turnout of close to 100 people. Imagine how big this upcoming game is going to be - with an extra season under our belt, a good time slot (where you can go straight to work following the match), improving on-field form - we have still only lost one game this season.

The game itself saw us go down 3-2 thanks largely to an Icardi hat-trick. A second-half surge thanks to a Suso goal and Handanovic own-goal gave us hope, but a late penalty from the Inter captain sunk us.

Make sure to get in touch with us and to provide feedback on the club! We can’t wait to see you at the derby for what will be the biggest event the club has ever hosted. We love it when you, our members send us messages and post to our social media accounts.

On another unrelated note, make sure to come down to Lygon Fest on the 21st October to pick-up your membership pack, get some merchandise or simply to say hello and have a look around.


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