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President's Message

Over the past couple of months, as you would have seen, The Milan Club Melbourne has put the call out to Milanisti in Melbourne - and all over Australia - to register with us for the coming season. It has been a resounding success to date, seeing close to 100 members sign-up. Most of these members are of course from all over Victoria - with all regions being represented - although a small handful come from other areas of Australia - namely NSW, SA and TAS. We’ve also had registrations all the way over in Italy, namely in Milan, and the US. It’s a testament to the club that we have people living in the city of our very team wanting to sign-up to a fan-club that is over 16,000 kms away from where our team plays. We must be doing something right? As a committee, we’ve been doing our best to get the name of the fan club out in the public domain. In the past couple of months, you’ll have heard myself being a guest on The Milan Fan Podcast - the english voice of Radio Rossonera - as well as local radio station - Football Nation Radio. You can find a link to the podcast here ( . Have a listen and let us know what you think! Behind the scenes, your committee members are constantly working daily to ensure the successful running of the club. We meet for committee meetings monthly, and in between work on tasks as discussed at meetings. If you have any ideas you would like to be implemented in the club, let us know. As a member, it is your fan club! Although our committee is now full, for those looking to be involved, feel free to reach out to us. We always need help on events days, and in running our off-season events. Coming up is Lygon Fest where we would love people to come down and support our stall. We are also always looking for social media admins, be it on one or all of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We have close to 2,000 fans on social media. Our goal is to be a recognised and reputable Milan Club in the world domain, and without social media this is not possible. Many Milan fans around the world look to the Milan Fan Club of New York as the benchmark for Rossoneri fan clubs worldwide. Recently being interviewed, one of their members said that they would have 40-50 members if they ran a proper membership campaign. Well, we have almost doubled that now. For a fan club that didn’t even exist one year ago, i think we have done a pretty good job - so congratulations to everyone involved! After all the hard work and pain we have gone through in recent years, just imagine how sweet our next triumph is going to be - whether it comes in Europe or domestically - as we look to add to our 7 UEFA Champions League Titles and 18 Scudetti. The best thing you can do to keep growing the Milan name here in Melbourne is to let your friends know about us, and to both sign them up to join our club and to bring them along to our events. Personally, i’m sick of fans of clubs like Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea thinking that their clubs and league is the only one in the world. We need to show the world what Serie A has to offer, and that Milan is the only side to choose. It’s our time Melbourne.


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