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Player Ratings: Milan 2-1 Udinese 2-11-20

Not a dominant performance against the side from Udine, but 3 points is 3 points. A game that was ultimately decided by the magnificence of Ibrahimović.

Player ratings:

Donnarumma – 7.5: We probably don’t appreciate Gigio enough these days. Would’ve been a clean sheet if not for the penalty.

Calabria – 6: Ultimately did a sufficient job on Deulofeu although didn’t add much going forward.

Kjaer – 7.5: As usual, played a really important defensive role for us. His cool head and strength in contest were invaluable. Proving to be a real leader of this team.

Romagnoli – 6: Not a memorable game for the Captain, just did as he needed. Gave away the penalty which lead to Udinese’s goal. Does VAR still exist?

Hernandez – 5.5: Earned a yellow card from that ugly tackle on Pusetto in the 13th minute. Pusetto probably had the better game, beating Theo on more than one occasion. Attempted to get involved offensively but just couldn’t piece things together.

Bennacer – 7: Excellently timed and weighted pass to Zlatan setting up Kessie’s goal. Would have liked to see him press a little harder and pull the trigger with his passing a few more times than he did. Worked well with Kessie.

Kessie – 7.5: A good performance from Franck. Worked hard through the game and scored an excellent 18th minute goal. Surely teams have learnt that you can’t give this man space coming into the box by now! Just needed to clean up his passing a little.

Calhanoglu – 5: Another slightly frustrating game from Hakan. Just didn’t seem to bring that magic that we know he has. However, it must be said that Udinese seemingly came into the game with a strategy that centered around smothering him.

Leao – 7: Caused headaches for the Udinese defence at times, however needed to do this more regularly. A genuine joy to watch, passing players with ease when he wants to. Will be a serious threat when he develops a bigger tank that can last the full 90 and a mindset to go with it (Can we reserve the seat next Zlatan on the bus for him?).

Saelemaekers – 6: Didn’t offer a whole heap on his side. Seemed to almost be a place holder for Diaz to come in.

Ibrahimovic – 8.5: This man is an unstoppable force that is ageless. A 39-year-old should not be able to provide assists like he did for Kessie, let along score from bicycle kicks! Somehow amazes us even more as each week goes. In this case, no Zlatan, no 3 points.


Tonali – 6: Would love to see him open up a little and start firing balls forward. Still seems like Pioli is being very careful with playing him.

Diaz – 6.5: As usual, danced around opposition players. Would’ve liked to see him start and get a full game.

Rebic – 6: Was eager to get on and get working at a time where we looked a bit slow and tired. Unfortunately, this didn’t translate into an influential return for the Croatian. Good to see him back from that elbow injury.

Dalot – 6: Wasn’t much thrown his way by Udinese. Did what was needed.

Krunic – N/A: Came on in the 89th minute.


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