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Pioli Continues to Place Trust in Milan Youth

Youth Update - 24/8/20

According to Calciomercato, Milan will not be loaning out Daniel Maldini (pictured) this summer. Both Maldini's management and the club see the presence of experienced striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic as an important part of the young players development.

Interest in Maldini has been coming in hot and fast over the summer from other Serie A and Serie B teams who are offering more game time than if he were to stay in Milan. In particular, Silvio Berlusconi's A.C. Monza have been extremely interested in the young striker, seeing him as part of their Serie B plans.

In other news, Ralf Rangnick has made statements over the week regarding what he would have done if the Milan deal was confirmed. He stated that the perfect example for Milan's revival lies only 30km away from the city. Referring to Atalanta, Rangnick said that they're success has partially come from having one of the best youth development programs in Italy.

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