Perspective: What happens next? 08-07-2020

The resounding wins over Juventus, Lazio and Roma in the space of a fortnight, with the frustrating draw against SPAL sandwiched in between, has got a lot of us believing again. It brings back memories of the Milan we all fell in love a fellow Rossonero said earlier, paraphrasing The Eagles' Hotel California, "I have not seen this (spirit) since 2011". Being slightly older myself, this takes me back to the Milan of the 90s and turn of the century, where you basically knew we were always in a game.

Perhaps the significant take away from these past few games is the team's mentality, our grinta and drive going forward. Whether this is the result of Pioli's hard work paying off, having players like Ibra with strong leadership qualities on the pitch or a mixture of both is up for debate, but the results are encouraging either way. The big question now is "What happens next"? This season will probably result in Europa League qualification, unless Atalanta REALLY bottle it, which is not what we should be aspiring to. How do we translate this renewed confidence into tangible results next season?

It's probably football's worst kept secret that our management has reached an agreement with Ralf Rangnick to take over from next season. However, the recent string of results has some questioning the logic behind removing a coach who has achieved a degree of stability on and off the pitch and putting our faith in a coach largely unproven outside of Germany. On the other hand, Rangnick has a decent track record of rebuilding teams from scratch, with a core of promising, young players. From a personal point of view, my genuine concern is the sense of deja va I get seeing our management trying to reinvent the wheel every summer; I would like us to see out a full project. If Rangnick is indeed their choice, I would like to see him given a full chance to prove himself and implement his ideas. I would also like to see Paolo Maldini stay on in a prominent role next season, his choices with player recruitment have proven to be largely successful. Let's hope for once we can show some long-term planning and strategy.

Whether either of these things actually happen is another story. As always, we hope for the best and Forza Milan!