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#Passion120 Milan Memories 

With our club turning 120 just yesterday, we thought we'd ask our admins what their favourite Milan memory was: Adam Frassinoro: "Loved the Pato goal vs Barca (2011/2012). Kaka returning was also a great memory. The goal (he scored) vs Lazio was just insane. Just seeing him back in the Milan shirt after so many years away and scoring a goal of that quality was amazing, will always be a legend for Milan." Daniel Richards: "Have to be the Pato goal against Barcelona (2011/2012) in more recent times. Was very excited for the match and Pato was my favourite player so couldn't have been happier to see him score like that so early in the game. Then with the Thiago Silva equaliser at the end it was a memorable moment." Shady Moussa: "Plenty of good times, but If I had to choose would be the 2003 Champions League win. We were a bit patchy in Serie A that season, but everything clicked during the run to the final. The last gasp winner against Ajax and beating Inter in the semifinal derby. Then topping it all off by beating Lippi's Juve in the final was just sensational." Taylor Battistella: "In recent memory, Siena v Milan (2012/2013), where we needed to win to qualify for the UCL. After being 1-0 down, an Ambrosini red card, and Fiorentina leading their fixture, it looked like all was lost, however 2 minutes later Siena got a red card, and with 5’ to go, Balotelli won a penalty, only for Mexes to give us the lead just minutes later in the dying moments." What do think Milanisti? What was your favourite Milan moment?


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