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October '19; Activities Update

First Event of the Season After a cold Winter, Spring is now upon us and the Serie A season is finally well underway. While our start to the season has been indifferent, our club in Melbourne is continuing to grow from strength-to-strength. Whether it be hosting events with the most die-hard Milanisti in the world at 4:30 AM (where members get free coffee thanks to our sponsors, Statewide Spotters of course), or signing up a record number of members for this stage of the season, it's fair to say that our club's future is bright, well, in Melbourne at least anyway!

Remember to bring your member card to our next event (which can be found on our site) to claim your free coffee! As always, if you have any event suggestions, please let us know.

Visiting Milan? This season, Club President Taylor Battistella is living in Milan, and marketing Manager Luke Brusco is living in Bologna. Both hold season tickets and will be at each Milan game. For tips on getting tickets, or if you are interested in attending with either of the two, make sure to get in touch. We will be assisting all club members with whatever enquiries they may have, as we understand the club can make it difficult to acquire tickets at times! Pictured below is Taylor holding our club flag at the Duomo, with other clubs from around the world.

Memberships Still Available Memberships for the 2019/20 season are still available. This season, we have improved the packs even further (if that's possible?!), to see a cheaper, flat-tiered approach. They contain a member card, which entitles members to discounts (including a 15%  discount on our online store and at events), as well a newly designed member scarf, drawstring bag and sticker pack. Remember, memberships are what ensures our club can continue to run. If you enjoy our events/social media work, we ask that you consider becoming a member. Let us know if you have a friend who may be interested in joining!

Our packs are as good as any Milan Club around the world provides, and are especially competitive on pricing. As always, let us know if you have any feedback on our packs, so we can take them on board.

Purchase your membership in a couple of clicks by following the link to our site below:

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