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November '19; Member of the Month - Daniel Richards

MEMBER OF THE MONTH - Daniel Richards

How old are you? 27

Why do you support Milan? I fell in love with them in them around 04/05. Loved the players, the colors and their history. Kaka and Pirlo in particular being favourite players

Have you ever seen Milan play live and, if so, what game/s? Sadly no, but would love to get over there in the next few years especially before the San Siro is no longer

When will we win our next scudetto? Hopefully sooner but I would say 4 to 5 years. We need to keep focus on our youth and be a bit smarter with our transfers but I am sure we can be challenging again soon. 

What is your favourite Milan memory? Aside from winning UCL 06/07 it would have to be Pato scoring first Minute against Barca in 11/12. My best mate and I were watching at 3 in the morning at my parents house running around celebrating. Just a great time. Pato was my fave player

Why did you get involved in Milan Club Melbourne? I moved from WA which there wasn't a club like this so I was excited to get involved and watch games with fellow fans.

Before the club, did you have many Milan-supporting friends in Melbourne? None at all. I haven't come across many other Milan fans in my life so it's great to be a part of things. 

What has been your favourite experience with Milan Club Melbourne so far? Meeting new people that I can talk about the games with and they share the same passion I do. 

Any extra comments? It would be great to see Milan club Melbourne keep growing in the years to come and together we see our great team rise to the top again where we belong. Forza Milan


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