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November '19; Activities Update

CONTACT MADE WITH AC MILAN Some involved with the club may be aware of the lack of support we have received from AC Milan since our beginning. Although we are an official club, and offer merchandise that is as good, if not better than that offered by the club, it is a significant drain on our resources - as a small organisation. Excitingly, in the past month, after recognising the work we are doing, the club has reached out to us. In summary, they are looking at ways to support fan clubs over the world going forward. Our club President has since directly met with them at Casa Milan, and hopes to have exciting news to bring to club members going forward.

Most excitingly however, and a dream to all Milanisti in Australia, the club has specific plans relating to Australia. While we are not at liberties to report what these may be, we can say that the club is watching our activities with a keen eye. Make sure to spread your support of the club on social media, and your involvement with your local Milan Club - be it us or Sydney. Let AC Milan know how passionate their fans in Australia are!

The best way to support is through purchasing a membership for your local club, so that we can include you in our numbers that we provide to AC Milan, and by interacting with official pages on social media.

Our dream is to one day host a tour of AC Milan in Melbourne, and for some reason, we feel that this day may be getting closer - and this dream is in our control!

MEMBER DISCOUNT CODE Members can visit the members section of our site to explore member-only items. In this section, is a code that provides members with a 15% DISCOUNT storewide on our site.

Not a member? Memberships are always available. You can sign-up in minutes by following this link to our site; As a club, and a registered Not-for-profit organisation within Australia, it is vital that we sign-up members and gain new sponsors, both to continue to grow but more importantly, to offer the best service both on and out of match-day to you, our current members. If you are not yet a member, we would appreciate your consideration in signing up. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Each membership comes with a membership pack of member-only merchandise, discounts for our online store, and exclusive communications - as well as knowing that you are supporting the presence of AC Milan in Melbourne.

Not all members have signed up for our website, so if you don't have access, make sure to create an account and request access.

Remember, we are continuously looking to add to our product line - available on our site - and even looking to create newly designed products. If you have any ideas / would like to help out with designing a new product, send us an email at

On top of this, if you would like to join the club in a formal capacity, be it with the social media team or a potential role on the committee, make sure to get in contact with us.

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