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Milan vs Juventus - Player Ratings; 07-07-2020

Starting XI - 4 2 3 1

Donnarumma - 7.0

He kept the score on 3-2 when Rugani is dangerous. Gigi broke a new record with 0.54 seconds to lie down and push the ball away.. What a performance !

Conti - 7.0

He didn't have an easy job against Juventus attack. But Andrea showed continuity last night in his good performances on the right side.

Kjaer - 6,5

He stopped much of Juve's shots. His co-responsibility on the 2nd goal is an error of inattention which does not reflect his performance of the match.

Romagnoli - 6.5

Responsible on both goals. Difficult to defend on Rabiot's goal, a midfielder should have followed to avoid the breakthrough that disrupted the defense. Good game from the captain.

Hernandez - 7.0

He woke up after Rabiot's goal and is becoming a danger to Juve's defense on every attack.

Kessie - 8.5

The equalization of Kessie is unexpected and spectacular. His performance played an important role in the team's victory. It prevents Pjanic from expressing himself during the match.

Bennacer - 8.0

Qualitatively and quantitatively, Ismael undoubtedly gives the Milan midfielder solidity. The player we've been waiting for for several years.

Saelemaekers 7.0

The Belgian has once again shown his ability to impose himself in Pioli's style of play. His impulses were able to break Juventus's game and surprise the defense.

Paqueta - 7.0

Big dribbles and fantasy. Everything we expect from him.

Rebic - 8.0

His desire to blow away Juve makes us all gloat.

Ibrahimovic - 8.5

His numerous chances in front of goal made Juventus' defence doubtful. Too bad for the offside goal. He took his revenge from Milan's first goal and showed all his class in the face of Ronaldo's arrogance.

Leao - 8.5

Efficient on the third goal. He's a great substitute for Pioli in this game.


Valuable in the last few minutes.

Bonaventura - 7.5

Jack replaced Ibra and helped the team keep the pace of play at a high level. The fourth goal is allowed thanks to his reading.

Calhanoglu - 7.5

Good start and involved on every attack of the second half.

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