Milan Club Melbourne; September '21 Newsletter

The Serie A season has started with a BANG! Now that the season is underway, we can't wait for some certainty regarding lockdown so that we can go back to planning our LIVE in-person matches and events such as the Melbourne Italian Fan Clubs Cup. Until this can take place, the club has a discord channel with a video chat function that can be joined during half-time / full-time for post-game discussions and chats. There is also a club WhatsApp group, for which all members and friends of the club are welcome to join.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome our newest club members; Randall Simmons, Paolo Mazzeo, Charles Harrington, Daniel Spiller, Vittorio Maranzan and Anthony Rico who have all recently joined the club!

We are now considering new merchandise lines - so if you have any new ideas, get in touch with us!

2021 AGM

On Thursday 9 September we will be hosting our AGM @ 7:30PM. At this stage, it will be held virtually given the current restrictions.

This is an opportunity for any club members to put their hand up to join our current committee for the next 12 month period. We have some great committee members like Luke Brusco, Luke Pease, Loris Maranzan, Pat Letko, Shady Moussa, Tass Dimitroulis and Reyner Karnali - as well as social media specialists Bjan-Jensen Darmanin, Gianmarco Tonon, Daniel Pagnoccolo and Alexandre Sardo.

We need a couple more roles filled, but most importantly are looking for good people, and passionate Milan fans - meaning you're already qualified if you're reading this. Whether you have extra time on your hands, or want to work for a cause you're passionate about, we would love to have you on board! We are happy to shuffle around current roles, and even create new titles to get the right people on board. Maybe you think we could do something better as a club? You can help. We're only as big and good as our members are!

Even if you don't want to join the committee, we'd love to see our members come to the AGM to get a better understanding of what we're trying to achieve as a club, and ask some questions. You can also join our social media team if you're looking for a more casual commitment.


OUR BEANIES HAVE ARRIVED! Explore our merchandise range and order yours today on our website by following this link

Here is our Fantasy League table after Gameday 1. Charles Harrington, our newest club member is in the lead. Does Anthony Calandrella have what it takes to go back-to-back this season? We will see!


Club member Daniel Pagnoccolo reppin' our scarf at the Beach Football World Cup in Moscow during the month of August.