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Milan Club Melbourne; November 2022 Newsletter

Annual Melbourne Italian Fan Club’s Cup

NOW is your last chance to register for the Fan Club Cup! Positions in the team are for club members-only with our team limited to 15 spots. Playing spots are sold-out, however you can still attend as a spectator! The event has previously been a major success, giving players the opportunity to play against Juventus, Napoli & Inter followed by a Semi-final and potential final.

At the conclusion of matches, there will be a dinner and presentations between the competing clubs, spectators, and friends from 6.00pm (pizza + bites incl. arancini etc). You can register for the dinner and/or playing spots here before 4th November. No walk-ins on the day!

Upcoming Events Join us at our venue, Ultra Football (Abbottsford) as we continue our adventure in the Champions League and Serie A. Together we will make it!

It is essential those planning on attending RSVP to confirm their spot either on our Facebook page here or our website here. Non-members are expected to contribute $5 to the club which will be collected during attendance.

Do you work in IT or Branding? We are looking to redesign our website! At the moment we are proud of our online presence, however would like to strengthen the structural integrity of oursite to link our database, virtual member card system, newsletter and memberships all under the same roof. If you or a friend may be able to help, please get in touch! Welcome to our newest members Benvenuti to the following members who have recently signed up / renewed their memberships with the club during the month of October.

2021-22 Members Eligible to Renew Memberships and Maintain Loyalty Status Edward Gusman Marco Sansonetti Adam Galioto Tass Dimitroulis Daniel Spiller Jonathan Ergnini Leonardo Pagnin Anthony Rico Jonathan Pace Ivan Pepe Daniel Richards Karl Pagnin Conan Gomes Federico Cavallin Sayed al Mokachar Davide Gottardello Bjan-Jensen Darmanin Samuel Kouflidis Alex Beniac-Brooks Charles Harrington Kara Bernardo Massimo Ciccarelli Michael Piccoli Aidan Behrmann Eric Liu Michael Yan Vincenzo Pellicciotta Sam Bertuna Alessio Ardizzone Agostino Notaro Francesco Sassone Andrea Zucchini Paul O'Neill Joey Agresta 2022/23 Member Register - Founding members are "Kilpin" - 1-2 years members are “Nero” - 3-4 year members are “Rosso” - 5+ years are “Rossonero” Kilpin Members Taylor Battistella Simon Girardo Riccardo Maurizi Daniel Karamaneas Clifford Lobb Julian Battistella John Raddino Elaine Harris Peter Harris Daniel Pagnoccolo Domenico Cosmano Torre Cosmano Tobie Cosmano Oliver Battistella Susie Battistella Loris Maranzan Pat Cook Rossonero Members Pietro Cosenza Christian Steri Alessandro Giupponi Marc Caruso Alessandro Abraham Guido Tresoldi Livio Cupellaro Anthony Patti Luke Brusco Anthony Calandrella Gianluca Bottallo Sarah Carles Alex Karakostov Rosso Members Nathan D'antonio Dom Trifilo John Roccuzzo Luke Pease Darren Barca Reyner Karnali Harry Chalkitis Giancarlo Zei Shady Abdelsalam Patrik Letko Giacomo Doria Nero Members Randall Simmons Marco Petta Paolo Mazzeo Nigel Haynes Will Haynes Carlos Silva Daniel Fornarino Mario Laus Mario Ravi-Pinto Stefano Pruna Paul Fantasia Jovan Ateski Salvatore Scozzaro Justin Graham Giovanni Fortunato Robert Amendola Paul Fantasia Gianni Vitellone Kristine Clemenger Rupert Clemenger Michael Clemenger Charlotte Clemenger Gianni Vitellone Loris Porcheri Josh Chiaravalotti John Bonacci Luca Bonacci Vittorio Maranzan James Tighello Ilija Stavreski Gianmarco Tonon Sergio Porcheri Luca Pagnut Marco Porcheri Claudia Bottallo Leonardo Bottallo Marko Babusku Matteo D'Agostini Maurizio Furlani Mary Pisano Giuliano Fornarino Marco Domenin Stevens Bellé Kevin Bellé Mirko Signorotto Manuele Trento Stefano Pasinato Alice Fornarino Aaron Mocciaro Joseph Coppola William Huynh Anthony Coppola Adrian Simpson Krizna Amarullah Liz Di Fazio


Club Member Nathan D'Antonio was at San Siro Stadium in Milan for the Milan - Chelsea match.

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