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Milan Club Melbourne; May 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to the committee!

A big welcome to long-time club member Robert Amendola who has officially joined the club's committee as our media manager. A big thanks must go to outgoing Shady Moussa who..... and we look forward to seeing both of them at upcoming events.

Another big welcome to Giovanni Fortunato who has joined the club as Assistant Events Manager!

The club is still searching for a membership manager and an events manager. If you or someone you now may be be a good match let us know! Additionally, we are always looking for club members with design skills who can help the committee out in designing new club merchandise / social media graphics.

Lygon Festa

On the first Sunday of April, the club took part in the Annual Lyon Festa! The day was a big success to help build awareness of the club, signing up plenty of new members and merchandise to rossoneri over Melbourne.

New Stickers are on the way!

We have ordered new stickers, in new designs and can't wait for them to arrive! They will be printed in a stronger material than our past versions, to ensure they last outside and are resistant to sun-damage. Keep an eye on our website / coming events to get your hands on some!

Looking to order our first club hoodies

Last Winter we ordered new t-shirts, in Summer we ordered caps. This year, we want to order our first club hoodies! If you are interested in pre-ordering a hoodie / have a style preference please stay in touch. Otherwise, stay tuned for our coming pre-order campaign!

A message from Club President, Taylor Battistella

As a Not-For-Profit organisation, our sponsors are the reason that we are able to run the club, and operate in the interests of all our members with; free event entry, a venue, merchandise, a website and various other community activities. On behalf of our community, we'd like to take this moment to give a shout to our club sponsors; ArcStudios Architecture, Statewide Electrical Spotters and Hawthorn Podiatry.

Not only do our sponsors deserve thanks, but also our club supporters. Lygon Festival, Armando Pianese and our new venue Ultra Football / Panenka Cafe have been amazing with their support in recent months, and we would like to extend our sincere appreciation to each of them. Also, thanks extend to the following club members who helped run our stand at Melbourne Italian Festa; Luke Pease, Giovanni Fortunato, Robert Amendola, Josh Nicotera, Pat Letko, Michael Piccoli, Daniel Fornarino, Julian Battistella and Susie Battistella.

Especially over the past couple of years, where the club has faced numerous challenges - especially related to hosting events - we have relied on our sponsors and supporters more than ever. When COVID struck, there was a real possibility that our club would cease to exist - so the reason that we continue to survive today is in large part to our sponsors, in particular Daniel Karamaneas - our friend from Milan Club Sydney - of Arc Studios Architecture who jumped in to support as soon as we were plunged into lockdown.

We have come out strong on the other side. With our new, amazing venue Ultra Football / Panenka Café, and the team leading Serie A with only 7 days to go, it is fair to say that things are looking bright as a Milan fan in Melbourne. As always, we exist as a club to serve our members, so please be in touch with ideas that you may have or if you would like to join the committee.

Without our sponsors and supporters, great events like Lygon Fest wouldn't be possible.

We understand that a number of club members are excited about the final games of the season, so please be in touch with us if there are any particular events that you would like to see hosted. Also, if you are not yet a member and/or in our club Whatsapp chat make sure to visit our site and sign-up!

Otherwise, find out more about our sponsors and how you can help support our club by visiting this link -


Worldwide Milan-FIFA Tournament

Our club is participating in the FIFA 22 Charity Tournament organised by Milan Club Montreal. We wish club representative Giovanni Fortunato all the best as he takes on Milan Club Sydney in the first game of the tournament!

Photo of the Month

A photo from the April committee meeting. If you're interested in joining the committee get in touch as we continue our search for a membership manager and events manager.

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