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Milan Club Melbourne March 2021 Newsletter

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

NEW T-Shirts

Our shirt order is being confirmed as we speak. Shirts should be out to all members who purchased them in time for the Milan-Sampdoria event. Thanks to all those who have purchased a shirt. It's not too late if you still haven't made your order though, you can do so on this link here - Stay tuned!

Milan - Sampdoria Event

Our first event of the season is long overdue! It will be against Sampdoria at "Just Italy" in Toorak. For now, RSVP on our Facebook event, but we will be taking bookings on our club website too (when details are confirmed in the coming days).

Club Call List

It has personally been a pleasure to reach out to so many of our club members over the past month. Our committee members were each assigned (more than a) handful of members, and have enjoyed our time catching up on lost time with everyone. One thing's for certain - it's an exciting time to be a Milan fan. If for whatever reason no-one has reached out to you, please let us know and we'll give you a call too!

Photo of the Month

Here's a throwback to earlier this year when Pat Letko joined Luke Brusco and Shady Moussa on our club podcast. It is still our most-viewed episode - so head to our YouTube channel and check out the episode if you haven't yet!


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