Milan Club Melbourne; June '21 Newsletter

The end of the season brings a time to reflect. We reflect on a season of joy that sees the club return to the Champions League for the first time since 2013/14, and we reflect internally on our own club.

Important Membership Information: When we started this club, we offered a tiered membership program. Today, we offer season memberships which can be purchased on our website here. These memberships come with a discount code that can be applied to all purchases made on our website. That way, memberships are more affordable for YOU, and YOU can choose the merchandise that YOU would like.

Due to organisational difficulties posed by the pandemic, last season we rolled over ALL memberships from the previous season, while continuing to open membership sales to new registrations.

Due to the success of this initiative, we will continue this program for the 2021-22 season, meaning that all people listed below will remain club members for the coming season.

IF your name is not listed below, we would love to welcome you as a member of the club. Our club exists to serve our members, and without you, we wouldn't have the means to exist. If you love Milan, and want to promote our team in Melbourne, JOIN TODAY! As one voice, we are stronger. You can find out more about our club and register on our website here today.

Grazie Mille!

Believe it or not, this coming season marks the 5th year of the Milan Club Melbourne. We'd like to make note of all our special inaugural members who have been with us from day one, and continue to be part of the club to this day. We've had many members over the past five years, but only these members signed up with us in our first season, and remain members today:

2017/18 - 2020/21 Kilpin Members:

Taylor Battistella, Edward Gusman, Simon Girardo, Daniel Karamaneas, Clifford Lobb, Riccardo Maurizi, Julian Battistella, Oliver Battistella, Pat Cook, John Raddino, Domenico Cosmano, Torre Cosmano, Tobie Cosmano, Susie Battistella, Adam Galioto, Daniel Pagnoccolo, Elaine Harris, Peter Harris, Tass Dimitroulis and Loris Maranzan.

Our club started small, and we've grown into something special. We are special because of all the new members that have joined and stuck with us along the way. Those people are our other members, and can be found here:

2020/21 Members:

Anthony Patti, Guido Tresoldi, Sarah Carles, Alessandro Abraham, Christian Steri, Livio Cupellaro, Alex Karakostov, Marc Caruso, Pietro Cosenza, Luca Bottallo, Leonardo Pagnin, Luke Brusco, Anthony Calandrella, Alessandro Giupponi, Nathan D'antonio, Daniel Richards, Karl Pagnin, Shady Abdelsalam, Conan Gomes, Federico Cavallin, Sayed Al Mokachar, Marco Sansonetti, Darren Barca, Jonathan Pace, Patrik Letko, Harry Chalkitis, Giacomo Doria, Reyner Karnali, Dom Trifilo, Davide Gottardello, Bjan-Jensen Darmanin, Samuel Kouflidis, Giancarlo Zei, John Roccuzzo, Luke Pease and Alex Beniac-Brooks.


For the end of the season, our photo of the month has to be our favourite event for the year. We can't wait for more nights like this next year!


We have transitioned all communications to be done via our website. In our effort to centralise all things about the club and team, please follow the link below to register for our website, where you will gain access to a members-only page after registration. If you are a member and yet to do this, please do so ASAP or we will contact you in the coming weeks.


Thank you to our sponsors, who thanks to their generosity, allow us to operate our online infrastructure and continue to improve our member offering! We are always grateful to our sponsors, and encourage you to click the links below to visit their sites. Reach out to us and we are happy to put you in contact with them, if you would like.