Milan Club Melbourne; June 2022 Newsletter


CE L'ABBIAMO FATTA!!!!! CAMPIONI D'ITALIA 2021-22. Not much more needs to be said, hey? What a season!


On June 25th we will be hosting a club dinner to celebrate our Scudetto success and to raise funds for the great work of Fondazione Milan.

On the night, you will have the chance to win a signed Ibrahimovic jersey, we will watch a special video from Fondazione Milan for our club, and most importantly celebrate a successful season in our club's first ever event of this kind!

Bookings are limited and essential, and you can purchase your tickets here ASAP -->


From the 2022/23 season members of Milan Club Melbourne will have the opportunity to request tickets for games of AC Milan thanks to our membership of the AIMC - making us an official fan club.

To do this, we are required to pay a fee to the AIMC for each member that is registered with our club.

Those members who already have a membership pack are encouraged to renew their membership so that we can demonstrate to AC Milan how strong our community is in Melbourne!

We understand that our members would prefer to choose the merchandise that they would like, rather than getting a new scarf every year. So, we have given members a 15% discount on all products through our store which can be accessed on the members page of our website. This way, we keep the cost of membership down while continuing to supply great quality merchandise! The renewal fee covers the cost of making you an official member of our club with the AIMC.

Then, if you would like to buy new merchandise on our store at a discount with your membership, great! Otherwise, if you would prefer not to that is okay - but thank you for renewing your membership and continuing to support our club and the Milan community in Melbourne.

You can renew your membership here -->

GIFT FROM FONDAZIONE MILAN What an amazing season to be featured on AC Milan's official away jersey! The jersey will go down in history as the attire worn on the field by the side as we clinched the Scudetto against Sassuolo. In case you missed it, here is some context: "From Milan to many. Cities and continents come together in this officially licensed matchday kit. Celebrate New York, Rio de Janeiro, Kolkata, Melbourne, Nairobi and Milan with a striking all-over pattern made of the six city outlines, marking the launch of new Fondazione Milan programs worldwide." We would like to extend our gratitude to Fondazione Milan who have gifted our club a SIGNED jersey from several members of the history-making side!

SIGNED IBRAHIMOVIC JERSEY RAFFLE Thanks to our club's strong relationship with Fondazione Milan, we are currently raffling a SIGNED IBRAHIMOVIC JERSEY from the 2021-22 Scudetto winning season, in what could potentially be his last season as a player. How about that for a collector's item! The winner of the jersey will be drawn at our club dinner next month.

In the meantime, purchase tickets on our website here -->

WELCOME TO OUR NEW MEMBERS A massive BENVENUTI to each of the new club members who have joined us in the past month!

NEW STICKERS HAVE ARRIVED Our new stickers have arrived - including new designs. These stickers are coated with lacquer glue - meaning they are resistant to UV damage. They also last longer on outside surfaces! Get your hands on our sticker pack here --> CAMPIONI D'ITALIA SHIRT We are running a pre-order ONLY campaign for a special one-time 2021-22 Scudetto celebration shirt. We are hoping to order from our supplier soon, so make sure to get in before it is too late! You can purchase your shirt here -->

THANK YOU FOR SUCH A GREAT SEASON As a Not-For-Profit organisation, our sponsors are the reason that we are able to run the club, and operate in the interests of all our members with; free event entry, a venue, merchandise, a website and various other community activities. On behalf of our community, we'd like to take this moment to give a shout to our club sponsors; ArcStudios Architecture, Statewide Electrical Spotters and Hawthorn Podiatry. We'd also like to make a special note of all our inaugural “Kilpin” members who have been with us from day one, and continue to be part of the club to this day. We've had many members since 2017, but only these members signed up with us in our first season, and remain members today: 2017-18 - 2021-22 Kilpin Members:

Taylor Battistella

Edward Gusman

Simon Girardo

Daniel Karamaneas

Clifford Lobb

Riccardo Maurizi

Julian Battistella

Oliver Battistella

Pat Cook

John Raddino

Dom Cosmano

Torre Cosmano

Tobie Cosmano

Susie Battistella

Adam Galioto

Daniel Pagnoccolo

Elaine Harris

Peter Harris

Tass Dimitroulis

Loris Maranzan

Stefan Ciccarelli

Our club started small, and we've grown into something special. We are special because of all the new members that have joined and stuck with us along the way. Those people are our other members, and can be found here:

2021-22 Members:

Randall Simmons