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Milan Club Melbourne; July '21 Newsletter

Serie A is back next month - yes - you read that right! Sit tight, as we intend on announcing some off-season plans in the coming weeks. The coming season promises to be one of the most exciting to date, with a potential new set of Serie A kick-off times that will enable us to host more events.

Now is a great time to sign-up as a member ahead of the coming season to support your club as we look to become bigger and better in 2021-22. You can get your membership through our website on this page here -->

If you're already a club member, make sure that you've registered on our website, so that we can add you to our exclusive "members-only" page to receive exclusive offers, news, and insights. Remember: members can access a 15% discount code for all merchandise through the members page.

We have plenty of merchandise in stock. We would love to get some beanies and hoodies, among other items to add to our product line: but we first need to move some of the current line. Let us know if you'd like these products, could help with designing, or maybe something else!

Finally, we want to thank our sponsors: Statewide Electrical Spotters, Arc Studios Architecture and Hawthorn Podiatry who continue to support the club through uncertain times. Thank you!


Here's a great photo of Club Vice-President Luke Brusco with his French friend, Habib Barkous!

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