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Milan Club Melbourne; July 2023 Newsletter

2023/24 Milan Club Melbourne Memberships

New memberships and renewals are now available! You can purchase them directly from our store here. This season all members who sign up before 31st July will go into the running to win a 1987/88 home jersey kindly donated by club Sponsors Football Shirt Gallery.

We are only as strong as our community!

We always and only act in our member's best interests. We are not perfect... but we are trying to be! If you or a business you know are interested in helping us in any of the following areas by providing your time and / or in-kind support please get in touch.

  • Website & branding

  • Support Salesforce integration on new website

  • Clubhouse locations... ideally small spaces for rent within larger venues (bars / warehouses) with spare capacity in and around Melbourne

  • Grants

Or join the committee!

2023/24 Season Jersey Launch

Thanks so much to all those who attended our 2023/24 jersey launch event at Ultra Football during the month of June.

Milan Clubs Australia Festa

The Milan Club Melbourne first started in 2017.

Since then, our club has shared some pretty special moments from hosting Daniele Massaro and the UEFA Champions League trophy to celebrating the 2021/22 Scudetto.

This past weekend however might just have topped these! Our club travelled to Adelaide for the Milan Clubs Australia Festa. It was an incredible event, hosted by an amazing club and a remarkable moment to pause and reflect how far we have come as a club: to travel interstate together to enjoy an evening with fellow Australian Milanisti... which would not have been possible only a few years ago.

We are so proud of how far we have come, and can't wait to see what the future has in store for us.

Thank you so much to Milan Club Adelaide for organising such an fantastic evening, and can't wait until next time!


We are currently working on a re-brand and development of a new website behind the scenes. As a NFP we have access to a free Salesforce subscription and want to integrate it on our new website. Membership Manager Loris Porcheri and President Taylor Battistella work furiously behind the scenes updating manual information, and the club sees it as a priority to invest in our online infrastructure so that we can focus on what matters to members. Are you or someone you know able to help? Let us know at

Thank you sponsors!

Thank you to all of our incredible sponsors who have renewed with us for the season ahead.

It is amazing to have a 100%+ retention of our sponsors, and just goes to demonstrate their commitment to our club. Please make sure to get in contact with them when you are on the lookout for relevant services, as they are supporting each of us through their sponsorship!

For more information on our sponsors or sponsorship opportunities visit our website here

Welcome to our Newest Club Members

A big welcome to our newest club members, Michael, Raffaele, Vic & Noah!

2023/24 Member Register (as at 26/06/23)

- Founding members are "Kilpin"

- 1-2 years members are “Nero”

- 3-4 year members are “Rosso”

- 5+ years are “Rossonero”

Kilpin Members

Taylor Battistella

Simon Girardo

Julian Battistella

Domenico Cosmano

Torre Cosmano

Tobie Cosmano

Elaine Harris

Peter Harris

Susie Battistella

Daniel Karamaneas

Riccardo Maurizi

Oliver Battistella

Rossonero Members

Anthony Patti

Guido Tresoldi

Alessandro Abraham

Christian Steri

Marc Caruso

Pietro Cosenza

Alessandro Giupponi

Shady Abdelsalam

Rosso Members

Randall Simmons

Harry Chalkitis

Dom Trifilo

Salvatore Scozzaro

Paolo Mazzeo

Reyner Karnali

Nero Members

Michael Foldi

Raffaele Salera

Vic Guidolin

Nigel Haynes

Justin Graham

Stefano Pruna

Stephanie Pruna

Paul Fantasia

Will Haynes

Federico Fumagalli

Joseph Coppola

Domenico Perri

Marco Manoj Francic

Peter Piccione

Andrew Greig

John Paul Zappia

Noah Guidolin


2023 Milan Clubs Australia Festa - in Adelaide. Our first official interstate trip as a club!

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