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Milan Club Melbourne January 2021 Newsletter

We'd like to wish all the members and friends of our club a happy New Year!

We hope that you had a Merry Christmas with friends and family, and can't wait to see you in a (hopefully) post-COVID year in 2021 - where (I can't believe that I'm typing this) but it appears that our team is looking like it has a real chance to win the 2020/21 Scudetto - and in the very least has transformed itself into a competitive unit unlike sides seen in recent years.

Taylor Battistella,

Club President


You may have noticed that we have have been relatively quiet on the events-front in recent months. This is both because of COVID-restrictions and because we have recently found an agreement to host matches at a new premium venue in a central position moving forward. We can't wait to share more details with you shortly, and stay tuned as we begin to host more events as we move into the second-half of the season. Until then, we will continue to host virtual events. More details can be found on the events section of our website. We hope that you can join us to watch the match against Juventus - but make sure to contact us for information on how to join our Discord server.


We aim to touch base individually with each of our club's members in January through our club's committee members who have each been allocated a handful of our club's members. We have some new products on our e-store and are also currently organising a new order of t-shirts, which we will soon be pre-selling at a discounted price.


Vice-President Luke Brusco and Media Manager Shady Moussa run Milan Club Melbourne's weekly podcast MCMTV. If you haven't yet tuned in, visit our youtube channel through our website. It will also be hitting your favourite podcast-listening services like Spotify and Apple Music soon! We are always looking to get new guests on the show, so let us know if you're interested in taking part.


Perhaps our most exciting announcement is that we will soon be announcing a major raffle that has something to do with the biggest-name player in our squad. If that hint's not big enough - he also comes from Sweden - and this prize has come directly from him!

LEGEND OF THE MONTH - Gunnar Nordahl

Gunnar is a suitable name for the most potent bomber in the history of i Rossoneri. Nordahl is the leading scorer in Milan's long and fabled history. He managed to score 221 in just 268 matches - compare that to Andriy Shevchenko who in more recent times scored 175 goals in 322 games for the team... Andriy might need to come back for a third spell to see how close he can get to Gunnar's total.

Nordahl was a highly prolific, powerful, and physically strong striker, with an eye for goal - much like his Swedish counterpart better known today - Zlatan Ibrahimovic. At Milan he won the Scudetto twice, and was given the name pluricapocannoniere after winning five top scorer (Capocannonieri) awards, more than any other player in the history of the Italian championship. He was part of the famed "Gre-No-Li" trio playing in a trio of three Swedish players at the time: Gunnar Gren and Nils Liedholm.

Having been led to Euorpean success in the past thanks to our Swedish and Dutch Trios, perhaps it is a sign that Hauge will be joined by Haaland and another young Nordish player to fill the impending gap to be left by Ibrahimovic and lead us to European glory once again. We can dream! What do you think? Get in touch with us on social media.


We have transitioned all communications to be done via our website. In our effort to centralise all things about the club and team, please follow the link below to register for our website, where you will gain access to a members-only page after registration. If you are a member and yet to do this, please do so ASAP or we will contact you in the coming weeks



Thank you to our sponsors, who thanks to their generosity, allow us to operate our online infrastructure and continue to improve our member offering! We are always grateful to our sponsors, and encourage you to click the links below to visit their sites. Reach out to us and we are happy to put you in contact with them, if you would like.If you are involved with, or know of a business that may be interested in partnering with us going forward, send us an email at We hope to bring a number of businesses on board for a mutually beneficial relationship!


We have made an official Milan Club Melbourne WhatsApp Group. All members and friends of the club are encouraged to join, for immediate updates. Follow the link below:

Milan Club Melbourne MEMBERSHIPS are available NOW! Click on the respective image below to take you to our site, or follow this link;

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