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Milan Club Melbourne; August 2023 Newsletter

We are only as strong as our community!

We always and only act in our member's best interests. We are not perfect... but we are trying to be! If you or a business you know are interested in helping us in any of the following areas by providing your time and / or in-kind support please get in touch.

  • Website & branding

  • Support Salesforce integration on new website

  • Clubhouse locations... ideally small spaces for rent within larger venues (bars / warehouses) with spare capacity in and around Melbourne

  • Grants

Or join the committee!


We are currently working on a re-brand and development of a new website behind the scenes. As a NFP we have access to a free Salesforce subscription and want to integrate it on our new website. Membership Manager Loris Porcheri and President Taylor Battistella work furiously behind the scenes updating manual information, and the club sees it as a priority to invest in our online infrastructure so that we can focus on what matters to members. Are you or someone you know able to help? Let us know at

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