Milan Club Melbourne; April 2022 Newsletter

Team Update

We are reaching the pointy end of the season, and the club is in a position unlike any other time over the past 10 years... We plan to host as many events as possible over this 8-game period, and understand that a number of our members will be in Milano during this time. Get in contact with us if you would like to see us host any particular events, and if you will be in Milano!


A massive welcome to Sam Bertuna - our newest member - who signed up to join the club at our recent Milan-Napoli event!

Upcoming Events

With the coming Serie A schedule TBC make sure to continue to visit our website to see when we will be hosting our next event.

Milan-Napoli Event

We hosted another great event at Ultra Football for our match vs Napoli in March! It was great to welcome the Napoli club to watch the game with us, and even better to get another win!

Lygon Festa

This Sunday 3rd April we will once again be hosting a stall at Melbourne's Italian Lygon Festa! If you are planning to make a visit to the Festa, make sure to pop in and say ciao to our committee members and club members who will be running the stand + your chance to get your hands on some club merchandise.

If you are able to help out on the day with rostering on the stand, please get in touch.

For more info on the festa, visit this page.


Club member Leo Pagnin with a trophy in one hand, a medal in the other and our cap on his head! #forzaleo