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August '19; Member of the Month - Riccardo Maurizi

How old are you? I am 23 Years old

Why do you support Milan? My father and my uncle have been Milan supporters for a long time, both of them influenced me into supporting Milan. But it was watching Kaka play that got me to fall in love with Milan.

Have you ever seen Milan play live and, if so, what game/s? I have! The first game I that I saw live was Milan – Udinese in September 2016. Milan lost that game 0-1 I remember that game, it was a hot day and many fans were upset and started to leave after the 80th minute, not a great first game to watch at San Siro. The second time I saw Milan live was in September 2018. Milan – Roma (2-1) that was such a great game to watch and seeing Cutrone score that last minute goal and running towards our stand was such a great time.

When will we win our next scudetto? I hope that we can start to challenge for the scudetto within the next five years, with good investments and the hope that Giampaolo is a good coach I think that we could possibly win it within that time frame. 

What is your favourite Milan memory? My favourite Milan memory would be winning the Scudetto in 2011. I was in Italy at the time and was really getting into watching Milan games, because it was a difficult thing to do in Australia. So being able to follow our Scudetto winning campaign has really stuck in my memory.

Why did you get involved in Milan Club Melbourne? For a long time I have been hoping that someone would start up a Milan Club so that I could watch Milan games, and be around other people that feel the same way about my favourite club.

Before the club, did you have many Milan-supporting friends in Melbourne? No! most of my friends follow Premier League teams, I tried too hard to try and convert them.

What has been your favourite experience with Milan Club Melbourne so far The first derby meet-up. I was great seeing so many Milan (and Inter) fans in one place, the atmosphere was great for the time that the game was on. Shame about the result (inter win)

Any extra comments? A big thank-you to all the people running Milan Club Melbourne and FORZA MILAN!

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