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Last Time We Met; Milan - SPAL 27/05/19

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Last time we faced up against SPAL we were playing for much more than three points. With champions league football hinging on the results of Inter and Atalanta matches, everything was on the line and we had everything to gain.

We dominated possession early on, controlling the tempo of the match. Excellent efforts from Piatek and Calhanoglu tested Viviano but weren’t enough. However, our pressure on the keeper paid off with an early goal from Chalhanoglu from the edge of the box. A minute later Donnarumma went off injured, unable to continue, and was replaced by Reina. Exactly 5 minutes after our first Kessie brought us to 2-0 with some fantastic footwork from within the box. Our victory looked secured.

However, the pace of the game dropped as SPAL pulled a goal back and we seemed content with holding the lead into half time. Spurred on from a missed chance, SPAL caught us with our pants down, bringing the game level thanks to a lapse in defending. We didn’t seem like firing and had lost our early spirit in which we started the match. All of a sudden Piatek goes down after being pushed in the box and immediately the whistle is blown and a hand is pointed to the spot. Cooly and calmly, Kessie approaches the ball before slotting it comfortably past their keeper, leaving the scores 3-2.

We got the victory we needed. However it wasn’t enough for champions league qualification with both Inter and Atalanta winning. Join us tomorrow to watch us take on SPAL again, we need the win so come join us at 7am at Cafe Notturno, RSVP below!


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