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LAST TIME WE MET; Milan - Frosinone; 20-05-19

Tomorrow morning at 2 AM (AEST) we take on The already-relegated Frosinone at home.

The last time we played them was away from home, and the game ended scoreless. At this stage of the season now, where the race for the top 4 is as tight as ever, dropped points such as these may come back to haunt us in our quest for a return to the UCL and the much-needed financial boost it brings.

Do you think we will win, but more importantly, will Juve beat Atalanta?

Interestingly, Sassuolo put in a strong performance against Roma, and irrespective of the Juve result, may push Atalanta in their final game of the season.

This end to the season certainly has a similar feeling to the 2012-13 season, ending in our remarkable win away against Siena.

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