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Ivan Gazidis on Milan’s direction

Updated: May 31, 2019

Gazidis and Maldini to pave future of AC Milan.

"The vision is clear", says Gazidis.

"To clear the club's debts and build a a team that can compete in Italy and Europe".

"There are 3 main objectives", Gazidis continues,

1. To improve our economy with the capacity to generate profit.

2. Improve the quality of the squad to bring it back to the summit of local and European football.

3. Find the right solution for the stadium, whether it be at San Siro or a new location. We want a stadium that is admired by the world.

"These objectives are not in order of importance, but they go hand in hand with each other.

"Our goal is to have a balance of strong youth players who will grow with the team and build a squad with some of our experienced players."

"We don't plan to buy and sell, but we do need to accommodate FFP as well as building a squad for the future".

"We need to forget the past and modernise our great club. No more buying top players to get through the next season, rather build a team that can grow together and remain at the top".

"Elliott management has been thought of as a temporary arrangement, but it is not.

Their plan is to bring Milan back to the heights of European football, and are in it for the long haul".

Maldini has been mentioned through media as being the next in the line of fire after Leonardo and Gattuso, but Gazidis states that he is part of our future.

"I await Paolo's decision to stay on as technical director as he is the face of Milan. When you think Milan, you think Maldini".

As for the new coach, "First we'll wait on Maldini's decision, then we'll look into a coach and players together".

"The road is long and hard, but with the right squad, we can bring Milan back to where it built its history, and to where this great club belongs, at the top".

As always FORZA MILAN! 🔴⚫🔴⚫

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