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Gattuso: 'Higuain has made his choice'

Gennaro Gattuso practically confirmed Gonzalo Higuain wants to quit Milan for Chelsea. “When a player makes choices, it’s difficult to convince him otherwise. One can try.”

Patrick Cutrone came off the bench in extra time and scored both goals with spectacular volleys, beating Sampdoria 2-0 at the Marassi to set up a Coppa Italia quarter-final clash with Napoli or Sassuolo.

“The lads did well. There are games where it’s a struggle, but Cutrone and Andrea Conti brought quality off the bench,” the Coach told Milan TV.

“We knew it wasn’t going to be easy playing against this Sampdoria side. I

liked our defensive movements and we had the right approach. I’m happy with the way the players helped each other out and saw a positive performance.”

Higuain again made very little impact and Gattuso did nothing to silence the reports Pipita wants a transfer to Chelsea.

“We have a very honest relationship, we say things to people’s faces. There is great honesty. When a player makes certain choices, it becomes difficult to convince him otherwise. One can try.

“At this moment, he is a Milan player and we’re holding on tight. I don’t know what will happen. We are honest with each other and I want him to maintain this attitude, which has never been lacking thus far.”

Gattuso also spoke about Higuain in his Press conference.

“I’ve talked to him a great deal, but it’s hard to give advice, because the career of a player only lasts 13-14 years. It’s his mind, not mine. The most important thing is to talk as men, look each other in the eyes and speak the truth.

“I haven’t figured out what Higuain is unhappy with, because I see him look content and involved in the locker room atmosphere. We’ll see what happens. If it was up to me, I’d invite him to my house, lock him in a room and throw him food every two to three hours. Unfortunately, I can't do that.”

Milan will face Juventus in the Italian Super Cup in Jeddah on Wednesday and it’s believed any decision regarding Higuain will only be made after that event.

“We’ve got a private jet taking us to Jeddah and hope to recover our energy quickly. It’s a big game, even aside from the silverware at stake. It can help us grow in terms of character and mentality.”

Lucas Paquetá made his debut and played for over 80 minutes.

“I liked his second half performance, as he made some good moves forward. He knows how to move and is a typical Brazilian in that sense.”

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