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From Milan to Melbourne

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

We are proud to announce our official involvement with AC MILAN'S newest charity initiative: From Milan to the World.

You will have read in previous editions of our newsletter, and seen on social media, that the City of Melbourne is featured on Milan's official away jersey for 2021-22 - along with 5 other cities from around the world (New York, Delhi, Kolkata, Milan and Nairobi. It's so exciting that we are seen as such an important part of Milan's strategy! Read more here: What do we need to do? We need your support! Vote for our project TODAY! Here: You can find out more about the project by watching the video and voting through the link above. Even if our project doesn't win, it is really important that we demonstrate to the club that Melbourne is serious about Milan - and that we want to be involved in future projects. Right now, the competition is in its infancy, and a single vote moves the voting by 0.50% - which is significant! With this as our first official club promotion of the initiative, we hope to gain some votes over the next 24 hours. This is by far the biggest opportunity that our club has had in its short existence, so we need to show the club that Melbourne has a dedicated and big fanbase! In the coming weeks, you we will release more details on how you can officially get involved with our partnership with AC Milan and the Centre for Multicultural Youth in Melbourne. Although, in the meantime please send expressions of interest to You can find out more about the other projects here: FORZA MILAN!


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