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Disaster strikes Primavera

Updated: May 31, 2019

YOUTH UPDATE - 20/5/2019

Milan’s Primavera side have done themselves no favours in their bid against relegation, drawing to Sampdoria’s U19s 0-0. Captain, Gabriele Capanni, will not be forgetting the game any time soon, after he missed a crucial penalty in the 55th minute mark. Capanni has been one of the teams most consistent contributors all season, leaving many surprised that he did not make the most of the opportunity to take the lead.

Coach Federico Giunti commented after the game that he hopes that Capanni will look to next weeks game against Fiorentina U19s and not dwell on the missed penalty. He also placed emphasis on how important Capanni has been for the side this season and how promising his future is.

A win for the team would have raised them out of relegation zone and into 12th place. Instead, Sampdoria claim 12th spot on the table, sitting 2 points clear of Milan in 14th place.

All eyes now turn to their final game of the season against Fiorentina U19s, as well as Sampdoria U19s game against Chievo U19s.

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