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December '19; Member of the Month - Daniel Pagnoccolo

How old are you? 29.

Why do you support Milan? I had family move up north to Milan to work and live. I connected with the club as a kid and have stuck by ever since.

Have you ever seen Milan play live and, if so, what game/s? Lucky enough to have have seen Milan play live on numerous occasions both home and away. Ive seen them play against SPAL, Inter, Roma, Lazio, Napoli, Fiorentina, Torino, Sassuolo, Sampdoria, Verona some of those clubs on more than one occasion.

When will we win our next Scudetto? I feel that we are at least 3-5 years if everything goes right. We have some young promising talent and if that is mixed well with experience anything can happen.

What is your favourite Milan memory? Favourite memory in the stadium is Cutrone scoring the derby winner in the Coppa Italia, in Extra time. My all time favourite memory is waking up early on an ANZAC day morning and seeing kaka score two away goals against United.

Why did you get involved in Milan Club Melbourne? I got involved in the club to be with like-minded Milanisti and support those who are running the club. It is fantastic to see it grow from the ground and hopefully when I eventually move back to Melbourne I can become more involved. I would love to see us one day organise a group of fans to all go together and represent our club at the San Siro

Before the club, did you have many Milan-supporting friends in Melbourne? I had a few Milan supporting friends through team mates that I played football with, and some close friends too.

What has been your favourite experience with Milan Club Melbourne so far? My favourite experience so far has been the Italian football fans tournament. It is a great event and I hope to see it grow further in the future.


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