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Colombo to Feature in More Games

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Youth Update 15/6/2020

La Gazzetta dello Sport is reporting that Milan coach Stafano Pioli will be calling up primavera striker Lorenzo Colombo more frequently over the coming weeks. This is likely because of the tight schedule of matches that is facing Milan and Colombo's impressive form in the youth league.

The news comes after Pioli gave Colombo his first ever start in a Milan jersey against Juventus in the two clubs Coppa Italia semi final clash. Whilst Colombo was only in action for 8 minutes, Pioli's decision to play him meant a lot to the 18 year old.

In a YouTube video posted by Milan, Colombo said that making his Milan debut was "what [he] has been working towards for 10 years, ever since [he] stepped foot in Vismara."

Image: AC Milan


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